Mentoring and CFYM

Caring For Young Minds Youth Mentoring Program promotes mentoring efforts to youth in the community which address issues facing young men and woman through recommended strategies, programs and activities. The program is developed to foster youth leadership and to ensure all youth have the proper guidance as well as continued support of a caring adult. The program is also intended to empower youth with the opportunity to reach their full potential as productive citizens in our schools, communities and in life.


  • To expose young men and woman to outside experiences, including college tours, field trips, and community events
  • To provide love & attention
  • To demonstrate the importance of using proper speech and to increase communication with parents as well as teachers
  • To broaden and enrich youth educational/career aspirations
  • To build positive attitudes and self-esteem
  • To engage youth around issues related to youth violence
  • To provide information about good health and hygiene

Upcoming event information will be posted on this site.  Please check back frequently for that information.  Should you have questions about mentoring contact  Mr.  Michael Thompson @ , 410.961.2826.