Student Health Information

Our goal is to protect the health and well-being of your child during our college tour. Therefore, we have developed a health policy which we request that you follow.

1) If your child is exhibiting an onset of a contagious disease prior to the tour such as conjunctivitis (pink eye), meningitis (Caused by a viral infection in the brain) or Tuberculosis (an infection of the lungs).  Please contact us immediately!

2) Please inform the Nurses if your child is taking medications on a daily basis, and If they are capable of taking their meds on their own or if they need a reminder.

3) When sending all medications, please ensure they are in the original container

4) NO Drugs! Other than prescription drugs or over the counter (OTC) are permitted. No marijuana (cannabis) in any form is permitted.

5) If your child has behavioral problems, let the RN know what their needs are.

6) Make sure your child brings comfortable shoes, other than church shoes. Walking is a major part of the tour.