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While most of our students are from the DC, Maryland and Virginia (DMV) area, each year we welcome students from across the United States.  The tour departs from Baltimore and if you are planning to attend the tour, you must make arrangements to be here in Baltimore the morning of departure.  Exceptions apply. Contact us for more information.

For those students traveling from states outside of the DMV, when plans are made to join the tour, you are assigned a sponsor from our local area to help you coordinate your accommodations here in Baltimore. The sponsor is a member of the Caring For Young Minds Staff.

There are two phases of the College Tour

Phase 1: Meet with the admission’s office.  Students are escorted into an auditorium on campus and presented with all information about the school, including admissions, financial aid and campus life.

Phase 2: Walking Tour – the students are given a walking tour on the campus by the college students.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Transportation: Luxury motor coach – Boys and girls travel separately. 

Hotel:  We are contracted under the Marriott Hotel Chain. Students are housed 4 per room and are requested to select their own roommates.  If you don’t know your roommate, you will have an opportunity to meet them at the student Mixer. 

Food:  Eat on Campus, buffet-style restaurants, fast-food restaurants and private dining in hotel. Snacks are also available.

Uniform:  You will be issued 4 t-shirts; you will khaki colored slacks/skirt; black and white outfit; comfortable shoes; rain gear.  A uniform list and itinerary will be published in February.

Chaperones (How many chaperone do we take?) We take one chaperone for every 5th child.  They are selected from the CFYM Staff, teachers, and church youth leaders.  They have all attend Risk Management Training and background checks.

Medical Staff Registered Nurses travel with the tour group.  If your child takes medication, please ensure that they can store and administer their own medications.  If not, the nurses are available to assist.

Security Personnel We have three off-duty police officers who travel with the tour. Their job is to watch over the Tour while we sleep and handle any problems which may arise.

What can I bring?

One (1) Piece of luggage and one book bag (which should fit in the overhead compartments)

You are welcomed to bring: Movies to share with the bus (G or PG13)

Headphones – should be worn at all times when listening to your music and any items which will make you comfortable on the bus and in the hotel as long as it is within regulation.

How much money should I bring?  No more than $100.00 – Tour is all-inclusive

Why should I attend an HBCU Tour?

The historical value

Applying to ten schools (for free)

On-the-spot acceptance


2018 Black College Itinerary

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